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Getting involved in your child’s school can be extremely rewarding. Learn about how you can participate, provide support and stay informed.

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Parents & Friends Group

The Parents & Friends Group (P&F) was formed in 2012 to focus equally on community-building and fundraising. The P&F consists of, and is supported by, a dedicated group of parent, carer and staff volunteers who plan and implement these activities. Activities are devised through a community consultation process, so P&F membership and participation is a great way to stay in the loop and contribute new ideas.

By filling in this form, you'll be helping us to build our database of interested parents and friends, and we'll be able to reach you with the information specific to the areas you're interested in.

All you need to do is provide some contact information, and let us know the things you might be interested in participating in. If you have any queries or concerns about how the information might be used, please contact us at

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