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Children thrive at school when they are healthy, happy and secure. Find information about the programs and support services available for your child.

Building resilience

Head lice

Healthy eating


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Physical Wellbeing

Healthy eating

Brunswick North Primary School encourages healthy eating through classroom programs and initiatives such as the Vegetable Garden Program and Brain Food. Brain Food is a popular initiative from Foundation to Year 6 which encourages students to eat raw unprocessed fruit or vegetable during designated snack times throughout the day.

Head lice

There is no way to prevent head lice so it’s important to check your child's hair regularly even when you don’t think they have head lice. Go to the tools & resources link to the right for support and advice on preventing and minimising the impact of head lice outbreaks.

Traffic safety

Please be especially careful when driving close to the school. Teach your child to get in and out of the car on the footpath side and to use the school crossing to cross the road. It is an offence to leave children unattended in the car.


Brunswick North Primary School aims to achieve a healthy UV exposure balance for children and staff. We are a registered member of the Cancer Council Victoria’s SunSmart Program. Our community supports our SunSmart membership by ensuring that students follow the SunSmart measures included in our policy. The daily local sun protection times (issued whenever UV levels are three and above), are typically from September to the end of April in Victoria.