School song

On Monday morning
We stand as one
To start the week anew
There’re things to learn
And work to be done
And time for friendships too

And when we’re trying our very best
Our friends are by our side
We‘re all together at Brunswick North
From countries far and wide

In years to come
When we have grown
This still will be our guide
It matters not, if you win or lose
Make sure you aim high with pride


School profile 

Brunswick North Primary School offers a positive and nurturing environment for students from diverse backgrounds. Our experienced and caring teachers provide a comprehensive curriculum including a broad range of specialist subjects. The school boasts excellent facilities, strong student welfare programs, out of school hours care and strong links to our community.

Our History

BNPS was established on this site in 1908. In 1925 the new school building was commissioned. It cost £15,496 to build and was designed to accommodate 750 students across 15 classrooms. The first principal was Mr. J H Barling. He instituted the ‘Pupils Parliament’ and a lunch program where students of working parents would provide a lunch for less fortunate children.


Our school’s vision is to prepare our students to become active, thoughtful, engaged and responsible citizens of the local and global community. We acknowledge and support the potential and talent of each young person.


Values form the foundation of our planning and guide our direction as a community.
At Brunswick North Primary School our School Values are: