School song

On Monday morning
We stand as one
To start the week anew
There’re things to learn
And work to be done
And time for friendships too

And when we’re trying our very best
Our friends are by our side
We‘re all together at Brunswick North
From countries far and wide

In years to come
When we have grown
This still will be our guide
It matters not, if you win or lose
Make sure you aim high with pride

School Day

Children and families should arrive at school at 8.45am when yard duty supervision commences.


After school, yard supervision finishes at 3.45pm. Any students not collected by this time enrolled in Out of Hours School Care will be taken to the Team Kids program. Students not enrolled in Team Kids will be asked to go to the school office and parents will be contacted.  We encourage all families to register with Team Kids.


Children who arrive after 9.00am are to go straight to the office where they will be welcomed, signed in and given an arrival pass. They will then be able to go to their classroom and join in the lesson being delivered.


Children collected by parents/carers prior to 3.30pm need to be signed out at the office by an authorized adult.