School song

On Monday morning
We stand as one
To start the week anew
There’re things to learn
And work to be done
And time for friendships too

And when we’re trying our very best
Our friends are by our side
We‘re all together at Brunswick North
From countries far and wide

In years to come
When we have grown
This still will be our guide
It matters not, if you win or lose
Make sure you aim high with pride

Policies, Plans & Reports

At Brunswick North Primary School, policies are reviewed and updated regularly. Our most requested school policies are listed below alphabetically. If the policy you seek is not listed here, please contact the school for more information.

Anaphylaxis Management Policy  

Asthma Management Policy & Procedures  

Attendance Policy

Bullying Prevention Policy

Camps and Excursion Policy

Child Safety Commitment

Child Safe Code of Conduct S2

Child Safety Champion S2

Child Safety Policy S2

Child Safety Responding Obligations Policy and Procedures

Complaints Policy

Digital Technologies Policy

Duty of Care Policy

Enrolment Policy

DET School Enrolment Guidelines

Medication Policy & Procedures  

First Aid (For Students) Policy & Procedures  

Homework Policy 

Health Care Needs Policy

Good Leadership and Governance Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Parent Payments - Frequently Asked Questions 

Privacy Collection Notice

Responding Reporting including Mandatory Policy S7

Statement of Values

School Child Safety Officer

School Governance Policy

School Privacy Policy

Strategies to Promote the Participation of Children   

Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy

Sunsmart Policy 

Visitors Policy

Volunteer Policy

Yard Duty Supervision Policy

Reports and Plans

 2021 Annual Report to the School Community

 Please contact the school if you require more information about our performance or future development. 

2022 Annual Implementation Plan 2022