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Physical Education

Studies have shown that regular physical activity improves concentration levels, focus and self-esteem in children. Physical education programs can also help to improve students' self-confidence and academic performance. Our PE program provides each student with a comprehensive physical, health and sport education.

Students participate in a specialised PE program each week. They learn and begin to apply valuable social skills such as teamwork, cooperation, caring for others and being respectful.
At Brunswick North Primary School PE is taught in a holistic manner, which includes learning techniques to promote good mental health and well-being, such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

Students learn and develop a variety of motor skills in the junior years, such as throwing, catching, dodging and kicking to allow them to confidently participate in sport-specific activities in the senior years such as netball, cricket, volleyball and t-ball.

All Year 3 to 6 students participate in special events throughout the year including the athletics fun day, cross-country, basketball hooptime and interschool sport sessions.

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